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Doctor Who Season 3

Hello =)

I just started to watch Doctor Who Season 3 today. I was scared. Really scared to start this season, because that meant a new girl in the TARDIS… and I was so fond of Rose (Billie Piper). For me, Rose was a great character, her personality matched The Doctor perfectly (some may say too much, but I like it) and the actress was full of life and charism. And yes, I admit I just loved the sparks between The Docter and Rose -from the start, with the nineth Doctor. They were just the cutest couple, so eager to live adventures, so anxious to be with each other and they were fun. Loved their laugh.
They had to end this couple in some way, at some moment; it’s inevitable, part of Doctor Who series, and fans wouldn’t want any other way. Though I was ready for this “break up”, I still cried in the end, I still miss Rose and her beautiful smile. It was painful. (geez, I’m such a weirdo ^^”’)

Ok, so Martha Jones isn’t Rose Tylor. Big deal, I have my lovely Doctor on screen *.*. As a woman it truly annoys me to see The Doctor with different mates all the time, like the others were replaceable that easy! (Yeah! I know, the man must have some action, he’s a Time Lord, he can’t avoid to live many, many, many years…stil…) However, I forgive him. Just to see how unique he is, love his adventures, smile with his big talk… etc etc, I forgive him and I forget Rose and everybody else! =) it’s just The Doctor and the lovely monsters *and me*. And maybe, maybe he will come to my door someday, and take me with him into space XD

Ahahahah…that would be a dream come true! Traveling into space, of course *and the doctor* =D
Oh, and I’m really eager to see Captain Jack Harkness again ^___^

Doctor Who Season 3


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1st Post, Donuts

For this first post I want to talk about my most recent addiction: Donuts. First I started to praise their appearence, how colorfull, funny and childish. I just love how they look, donuts are different from each other, some more perfect than other – I must say I like best the imperfect ones. And they look good in a plate too.

Then, I started to collect donuts and other cakes icons. Geez, I promise I’ll credit them if I use them.

So, one day I bought one of those bright, funny, full of live donuts. I had only eaten those simple donuts, bege donuts, sweet but boring donuts. When I finally tasted these donuts:


wooow, what an explosion…

It’s impossile to stop eating them, I feel like a true Homer Simpson. They are good looking and taste wonderfully. To punish my gluttony, I’m with an hell of a stomach ache right now ;__;

Anyone fan od these Donuts?

Oh, don’t forget? I’m from Portugal and there isn’t many of colorfull donuts around here, that’s why I had never tried before. Hard to find…

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